What we do


Today the world has changed, we all need to do business virtually. 

Your business online from 0 to 100% in three weeks.

The distribution of the site and the design will follow the indicated guide, corporate colors, fonts, use of logos. The design proposals will embody a professional, reliable, and stable site. It will be easy for your visitors to use because it contains clear descriptions and reflects the quality of the brand.


With our restocking solution, we can help you on minimizing you’re out of stock shelves.
Based on the leader of the self-service data analytics platform (Alteryx) and with our methodology we can help you with quick and mining full results.

The MRI for Software

CAST achieves for software what MRIs have for medicine: unprecedented visibility
CAST technology generates a holistic understanding of software systems by analyzing software’s inner structure, architecture and composition. The resulting Software Intelligence helps digital leaders make fact-based decisions, visualize architectures, detect security threats, and ensure the safety and soundness of business applications and software products.

FutureSQC® MIS

With FutureSQC® MIS (Manufacturing Information System) you can take all the On-Line information, ie, from a PLC, instruments, keyboard registered by on floor operators or inspectors, external databases and carry it from the plant directly to the desks of senior management.

Industry Partners