FutureSQC® MIS

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FutureSQC® MIS

With FutureSQC® MIS (Manufacturing Information System) you can take all the On-Line information, ie, from a PLC, instruments, keyboard registered by on floor operators or inspectors, external databases and carry it from the plant directly to the desks of senior management.

The solutions that integrate FutureSQC® MIS
(Manufacturing information System) are:

• Statistical Process Control (SPC), On-Floor and On-Line.
• Automatic Data Acquisition (From SCADA, PLC, CMM, external Database, more…)
• Process Intelligence.
• Downtime and defects behavior analysis.
• On-Floor integrated information to connect with ERP/MRP and Six-Sigma solutions.

FutureSQC® Importer

Software Module to Convert Multiple Variable Reports from CMM and other complex measurement equipment directly to FutureSQC®

Most of the Coordinates Measurement Machines (CMM) and in general all the sophisticated measurement devices, as a Spectrophotometer or Chromatograph, has a unique way to give results.

The results commonly are very complex that can be whether a report or a very long file that usually cannot be statistically analyzed in a fast, easy and efficient way.

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